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Factory Evaluation/Factory Auditing(FA)

As per consignor’s requirement, BVIS auditor go to factory to check the manufacturer's business reliability, production capability, quality management systerm, social responsibility audit, as well as company organization, production conditions, and so on. Beside audit report, CAP(Corrective Action Plan) will be issued based on full audit terms.


Brief audit content:

  • Factory licence
  • Factory Certification & Authentication
  • Factory contacting & location
  • Company organization & scale
  • Documentation and Process Control
  • Internal training
  • Material and supplier management
  • Laboratory/internal testing/color evaluation
  • Sample development
  • Factory facilities/equipments condition
  • Factory production condition
  • Finishing and packaging
  • Tool room and Maintenance
  • Metal detection 
  • Quality System
  • Social Compliance

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