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Loading Supervision
Loading Supervision (LS)

After the Final Random Inspection(PSI) get passed, surveyor will organize and survey the loading work, recording the loading data. The working site could be at factory base, at the forwarder's warehouse, at the storage yard, or some other location. Surveyor will also inspect the container quality before loading, and unqualified container would be rejected to load, and another qualified container is requested to exchange. 

General working items (check or record) :

  • ​Weather
  • Container condition
  • Quality & Quantity
  • Outer packaging
  • Loading schedule
  • Container arriving time and departing time
  • Truck license plate & Container No.
  • Inspect the condition of Container
  • Checking the leak-proofness of container;
  • Sealing  

We will ask factory to change container if unsecured condition happen like below: