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Order Tracking

Start from Order Scheduling, we trace Sampling, Material incoming, Molding & Tooling, Production, as well as Shipment.

When dealing with several orders at several different factories at the same time, it is not easy to stay abreast of estimated production schedules. It might go compounded with the fact that factories are often not informative or open when it comes to their own production schedules and orders might be delayed. BVIS have been providing this service to constantly check on the status of client's orders.

BVIS will contact your suppliers regularly (at least 2 times per week) and report to you about the latest situation with your order. If the factory is behind or there is a delay for any reason, a notice will be sent to you. In this case, we provide action options to push the factory to be on time.

It includes but is not limited to below works:

  • ​Document reviewing
  • Order scheduling
  • Material Incoming
  • Molding and Tooling
  • Production
  • PP samples collection & checking
  • Arrange Pre-production inspection (additional cost)  
  • During-production inspection (Inline inspection) (additional cost)
  • WIP samples collection & checking
  • Pre-shipment inspection (Final random inspection) (additional cost)
  • Shipping sample collection & checking
  • Loading supervision (Loading survey) (additional cost)
  • Gold seal sample
  • Perform inspection and set up corrective action plan
  • Shipment