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Sourcing Service

To meet client's demand, BVIS set up a sourcing department to provide sourcing service for clients. The sourcing department are experienced in international trade, sourcing, and shipping that would make your international work easier.

The cost of sourcing service is composed by fixed monthly fee and proportional comission based on order amount for every item. Generally they would provide up to 10 top suppliers with their quotation data and product specification, and would also provide further negotiation with the supplier by client's requirement.

The composition of the sourcing service for each item:

  • ​fixed monthly fee: initiate rate US$300.00 per 3 item, and USD$100.00 for 1 item more;
  • ​proportional comission: 1% ~ 2% of order, negotiable;
  • ​travel: man-day fee and travel actual cost (if there was travel client required)

The data the Sourcing Department may need(contact us for Sourcing Booking File):

  • ​product specification
  • ​product quantity
  • ​product packaging
  • ​product quality standard
  • ​product delivery time
  • ​product target price

Operation steps:

  1. ​fill up Booking File to us;
  2. ​make payment for the fixed monthly fee;
  3. ​we send sourcing achievements to client within the lead time in booking;
  4. ​done and after-sale service.