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Resident Inspection
Resident Inspection

Comparing to Visit inspection, Resident Inspection require inspector stay in factory from order beginning to end, to guarantee the whole line quality, packaging, and delivery meet the buyer's requirement. It not only improves the available problems, but will also find and improve the potential problems during production.

Resident Inspection applies to electrical appliance production, machinery & quipment production, oil line pipe, etc.

For example the Steel Line Pipe(Oil country tubing), the work is from the material IQC & documents checking, to the During-production inspection, and to the Loading supervision. It includes more than below items: 

  • ​Docments reviewing       
  • Visual test      
  • Random dimension check          
  • Random weight test        
  • Packing and marking check       
  • The dimension check for the coating thickness 
  • Specimen test                         
  • Cutback check
  • Witness metallographic test        
  • Witness NDT test(tensile, fracture, toughness)
  • Witness elongation of breaking 
  • Witness impact test
  • Witness hydrostatic test         
  • Witness adhesion test
  • Witness Holiday test                    
  • Witness shipment loading